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Welcome to the Conference

PASEO extends a warm welcome to all attendees and thanks each of you for your participation in this year's conference. You are encouraged to experience all the conference events. In addition to the educational work sessions, be sure to enjoy the social and networking opportunities, and visit all of the exhibitors to learn the latest in technologies and services.

Our theme this year is "20/20 Foresight: Using Education to Prevent Problems Before They Occur."

The Conference Committee is proud to feature a number educational opportunities this year. We have a total of 16 separate break-out sessions and 3 training course from which to choose.


The PA Association of Sewage Enforcement Officers was established in 1986 by sewage enforcement officers from across the Commonwealth. PASEO's founders felt a need for interaction and cooperation among the many SEOs and between the organization and the PA Department of Environmental Protection (then DER).

Our founders' goals are now the Bylaws-

1. Encourage and maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and practices;

2. Sponsor and promote educational programs for members and others;

3. Provide a forum for the exchange of info; and,

4. Act on behalf of members in connection with proposals concerning SEOs

PASEO has grown from an idea shared by a handful of SEOs with diverse professional and vocational backgrounds to a vibrant and growing organization. Our membership is organized into six regional chapters with each region corresponding to a PADEP region. This has enabled and fostered a communication link between PADEP and the Association.

Each chapter elects officers, sponsors training programs, and maintains a liaison and dialogue with the PADEP staff in its region. Every chapter selects two Directors.

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