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SEO Continuing Ed Credits

The PA DEP has approved our conference for up to four (4) SEO continuing education credits. One (1) credit will be awarded for each half day of break-out sessions attended. A credit can be earned by documented attendance at all Monday morning, Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, and/or Tuesday afternoon sessions.

In order to maintain the proper documentation for SEO credits, attendees must follow the procedures described below.

1. At the completion of each session, have the session proctor (not the trainer/presenter) stamp your "Attendance Documentation Form". This is the "Attendance Documentation Form" that you received when you initially check-in at the PASEO registration desk at the start of the conference. This form will list the sessions that you registered to attend.

3. Attendees must sign and turn in the completed "Attendance Documentation Form before leaving the conference site. The forms will be collected at the conference registration area following Tuesday's afternoon sessions. Documents cannot be accepted by mail, fax, or email.

4. PASEO will retain the original form and will later provide the attendee with a copy of the submitted upon request.

5. A Transcript will be mailed by PASEO to each attendee listing the sessions attended, the training date/time periods, and the duration of each session. Please retain this information for your records and for your use in submitting to the various entities for continuing education documentation. Each accrediting entityss actions are independent of PASEO; PASEO makes no claim or guarantee that continuing education credits will be granted by the accrediting body to which you may submit a transcript.

6. PASEO will submit a "Conference Roster Report" directly to PADEP within 30 days of the close of the conference to document your attendance for SEO credits.

If you are taking any of the offered SEO training courses (Installation Course, Ecoflo Course, and/or All About At-Grade Course), you will earn 12 or 3 credits depending upon which course you take. These credits are in lieu of the conference credit. Be sure to sign-in on the training course roster located in each training course classroom to document your attendance. You will receive a completion certificate at the end of the training course for your records.

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