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Monday, March 11, 2019

Opening Keynote: Time Management for SEOs: Manage Yourself Not Your Time
Christin Smith Myers, CRS Companies
There are only 24 hours in a day. How can you make the most of those hours, both at work and at home? In this practical, energizing, customized program you will learn immediately applicable strategies to help you increase your productivity and accomplish more while working smarter, not harder. 

Prospective SEO Track: The Role of an SEO
Chris Wood, Dingman Township; Rob Bowie, Bux-Mont Inspections
What is a sewage enforcement officer (SEO)?  While is seems like a simple question, five SEOs will give you five different answers.  This simply means that you can decide the “type” of SEO work that you want to do.  This session will explore how SEOs interact within the communities that serve.

Essentials Track: ABC of Soils
Paul Golrick, Penn’s Trail Environmental
While each year we present a session on soils, it is typically geared toward the more seasoned SEO who spends a considerable amount of time in the trenches, e.g. deep hole probes.  This session is more elementary in scope and geared to those SEOs that have little experience with soils.  Brush up on the essentials of understanding the role soil plays with onsite systems.

Professional Track: Managing & Growing Your Septic Business
Rhodes Wilson, A. Rhodes Wilson Wealth Management; Roger Lehmann, All County and Associates
Have you ever wondered how to take your certification to the next level? Do you want to become a consulting SEO instead of a Local Agency SEO? Do you want to become an independent Local Agency SEO instead of being a consulting SEO?  If so, this session is for you. The session will explore all the issues from marketing to accounting to insurance and beyond.

Technical Skills Track: Directional Boring
Christopher Root, Vermeer North Atlantic Sales and Service
Directional boring technology has evolved to the point that it is extremely accurate and cost effective. It has many applications within the on-site sewage disposal industry, from crossing streams and road, to cutting through rock, to working on very steep slopes between two given points.  The session is meant to give all a general outline of its benefits and limitations. 

Prospective SEO Track: Background of the Act 537 Program
Chris Wood, Dingman Township; Rob Bowie, Bux-Mont Inspections
All SEOs are bound to uphold and work within the framework as outlined in Sewage Facilities Act (commonly known as Act 537) and the regulations created thereunder.  This session will help attendees better understand the purpose of the Act and the statutory structure and the obligations it requires of those in the onsite wastewater industry.

Essentials Track: Sewage Facilities Planning
Deborah Sedlmeyer, Cambria County Sewage Enforcement Agency
A lot of SEOs do not interact with the Sewage Facilities Planning Module (SFPM) process, yet it is an important part of the role an SEO participates in. Many newer SEOs reviewed the SFPM process as part of the SEO academy in order to pass the certification exam and have not interacted with the process since.  Recent changes to the SFPM process brought about by Act 26 will be discussed.

Professional Track: Routine System Maintenance- It’s More Than Just Tank Pumping & Advantex Treatment Systems in PA – Maintenance Provisions for the SEO Training Courses 3 SEO Credits Total

Routine System Maintenance course (Larry Earney, Infiltrator Water Systems, Inc) - Providing proper and routine maintenance for all types of onlot sewage disposal systems is the key to long term system functioning. This short course on routine system operation and maintenance will focus on standard septic tank systems for single family residential use. The course will discuss why maintenance is important and will review the key elements of sound operation and maintenance such as inspection of all system components, tank pumping, efficient water use, proper waste disposal, and protection of the absorption area. Homeowner education will be emphasized including topics such as use of garbage disposals, tank additives, water softeners, and more.

Advantex Maintenance (Reed Johnson, Orenco) - The importance of system maintenance cannot be overstated and is the key to long term system functioning. Acknowledging the fact that all systems and all system components require maintenance, this short course on operation and maintenance will focus on the Orenco Advantex Treatment System. The course will briefly summarize the Adantex treatment system, how it works, and the current maintenance measures required in PA by the system’s alternate listing. The course will then focus on more detailed maintenance activities that are specific to the Advantex system.

Technical Skills Track: Utilizing Inspection Cameras & Locators
Gus Salles, Eastcom
Pipeline video inspection is a form of telepresence used to visually inspect the interiors of pipelines. A common application is to determine the condition of small diameter sewer lines and household connection pipes. This session will be a presentation on inspection cameras, pipe locators, and best practices while utilizing them to evaluate an onlot septic system.  Locating equipment and a sewer camera will be on hand for demonstration purposes.

Extra Training Options Track: NORWECO Training Course 2 SEO Credits
Paul Cannon, NORWECO
In 2015 the combination of a Singulair ATU and the Bio-Film Reactor was established by Pennsylvania DEP as alternative technology suitable for at-grade beds.  Four years later the combination of treatment has become one of the leading options in the state of Pennsylvania for designers, contractors, homeowners and SEOs.  2019 is going to be a critical year to get these technologies installed before regulations are changed, so come learn about this product and the benefits of working with such a proven treatment system. 

Prospective SEO Track: Introduction to Onsite Wastewater Regulations
Chris Wood, Dingman Township; Rob Bowie, Bux-Mont Inspections
This session will provide a general outline of the onsite wastewater regulations found in Title 25, Chapters 71, 72 & 73 that have been promulgated under Act 537.  Attendees will learn about sewage facilities planning, permitting, and system standards.

Essentials Track: Sewage Disposal System Design
Emily Palmer, Lennon Smith Souleret Engineering Inc.
This session will outline the salient points that one should consider when reviewing a sewage disposal design for permit issuance. There are a number of points that are common to all designs that should addressed first during the review process.

Technical Skills Track: Proper Wastewater Sampling
Brian Oram, BF Environmental
When is wastewater sampling necessary and what are the appropriate procedures to take that sample?  This session will cover: determining where to sample wastewater; methods of sampling; understanding chain of custody; what wastewater testing can tell you; communicating the results; and, other topics.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Prospective SEO Track: Working as an SEO
Chris Wood, Dingman Township; Rob Bowie, Bux-Mont Inspections
Ultimately, one needs to decide if they wish to be a regulatory SEO who works for a Local Agency; or, a Consultant SEO who works for private clients. This session will discuss and describe the difference between the two and how you can incorporate those profession paths into your career.

Essentials Track: Enforcement
Martin Siegel, Stock and Leader
Every practicing SEO is going to be involved in an enforcement action at some point in their career.  This session will review the do’s and don’ts with respect to enforcement actions.  Topics covered will include documents & laws that relate to enforcement; appeals & the SEO’s role; investigating violations; and, enforcement actions.

Professional Track: Perc Rite Drip Dispersal Operation and Maintenance Overview & Maintaining a Residential JET BAT Media Plant Training Courses 3 SEO Credits Total

Perc Rite Drip Dispersal O&M (Meghan Andress, PreDoc) - The importance of system maintenance cannot be overstated and is the key to long term system functioning. The need for system maintenance, meaning maintenance beyond pumping, is not unique to alternate systems but should be performed on all types of onlot sewage treatment and dispersal systems. This short course on system operation and maintenance will focus on the PercRite drip systems, both the drip systems and the Micromound systems. The course will briefly summarize PercRite drip systems describing their basic components and how/when they are used in PA, as well as the current maintenance required in PA by the respective system’s alternate listing. The course will then focus on detailed maintenance activities that are specific to the PercRite drip systems.

Maintaining a Residential JET BAT (Ed Schloss, JET) - The importance of maintaining all components of an onlot sewage disposal system cannot be overemphasized. This short course will focus on system operation and maintenance for a residential Jet BAT Media plant. The course will briefly summarize the basic components and operation of the media plant and will then focus on detailed maintenance activities that are specific to the Jet BAT media plant.

Technical Skills Track: PA One Call Enforcement
Jim Larkin, PA One Call Systems
The PA One Call law is now enforced by the PUC and is no longer under Labor and industry. The PUC has instituted $2500 dollar fine for violation any part of the PA One Call law. The PUC put in place a damage prevention committee (DPC) that decides who should be fined.  The DPC can demand that a company’s staff attend mandatory training at the company’s expense.  Excavators and Facility owners must report any damages to the PUC in specified time frames.  Attend this session to learn about the new enforcement structure.

Extra Training Options Track: Sewage Management Basics Training Course 3 SEO Credits
Roger Lehmann, All County & Associates
Course objectives include: to introduce SEOs to sewage management and the importance of keeping onlot sewage systems healthy; to provide some steps for creating a sewage management program (SMP); and, to give options for implementing, administering, and enforcing a SMP.

Prospective SEO Track: Understanding the SEO Certification Process
Chris Wood, Dingman Township; Rob Bowie, Bux-Mont Inspections
In order to one to become a certified SEO, one must pass the certification exam.  One of the best ways is to attend an SEO Academy. This session will expound on the certification process and how to get the most out of the SEO Academy.

Essentials Track: Update on Act 26
Duane Mowery, SAC Chairman
Act 26 took effect in 2018.  Whether official yet or not, it has brought several changes to various aspects of the work that SEOs are called on to complete or permit.  This session will attempt to outline the known changes, keeping in mind that the technical guidance documents have not yet been finalized.

Technical Skills Track: Run/Hide/Fight: Safety in a Crisis
Walter Schneider, Centre Region Code Administration
The program is designed to make the student aware of what to do when confronted with an active shooter situation; teach the student to identify potential critical life safety situations; teach the student to identify potential routes of evacuation; and, teach the student to identify potential secure hiding or shelter locations.

Closing Plenary Session: Pennsylvania Legislative Update
Rep. David Maloney, Pennsylvania General Assembly (invited)
Pennsylvania State Representative David Maloney (R-Berks) will be discussing the priorities for the state legislature in the upcoming term including those impacting the environment and local government.

Plenary Session: PA DEP Clean Water Academy Demonstration and Q&A Panel
PA DEP Staff, Moderated by Joe Valentine
PA DEP is launching the online Clean Water Academy.  SEOs will be able to manage and track their SEO certification online.  Representatives from PA DEP will demonstrate how SEOs can take advantage of this certification tool.  During the remain session time, DEP representatives will also answer questions in a moderated roundtable format. Learn the latest news affecting SEOs in Pennsylvania directly from the Department.

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